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About PremierSystems.Com

In 1996 we first viewed the Internet and immediately knew that it would become the most valuable tool that business had ever seen and we knew that we wanted to be a part of it. The Internet was very slow, dial-ups were slow and, relatively speaking, so were computers. All of that has changed dramatically and the use of the Internet has become common place. If memory serves the volume of sales on the Internet was less than 3 billion in 1998. In 2004 there were an estimated $28 billion of business to business sales and $11 billion in sales from households in 2004.

The exponential growth of sales on the Internet came about because it allowed a business to really tell it's story and make that story available for the world to see at a very reasonable cost. In magazines with a circulation of 250,000 a rather minimum cost is over $1300 for a black and white SIXTH OF A PAGE advertisment. For that same $1300 a business can buy a 13 page website and the pages could be 4 or 5 times the length of a piece of paper.

In 1996 we firmly believed that this growth would take place so we sold a business, bought hot computers, hired tutors and established PremierSystems.Com. Since that time we have put over 40,000 pages on the web for several hundred business clients. Check some of our recent website design by clicking here.

In 1997 we knew that a site was of no value if it could not achieve positioning on the search engines so we began to study what then was known as site positioning but now is known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization. The requirements for sucessful positioning have become more and more stringent and the time to get listed has increased from 24 hours to up to 120 days. Sites must be properly written, pages must be properly named, keywords must be included in appropriate numbers and included in headers, alts, and meta tags... yes, meta tags are still important. PremierSystems.Com guides you through these requirements and every page is designed to garner favorable positioning from the search engine bots.

Premier Systems.Com

Marketing Experience

Phyllis Moffitt, Principal and Chief Designer has an extensive background in behavioral analysis of sales performance in marketing organazations. As Vice President of Systema Corporation in Chicago, she was the first woman to recieve a mention of promotion to a corporate Vice Presidency in the Wall Street Journal. Her clients included Merrill Lynch, Paine Webber, Upjohn, Phizer, G.D. Searle, Lilly, Abbott, Mercedes Benz and a host of other very sucessful sales and marketing organizations. The professionalism and attention to detail required by these top flight companies has carried through into website design.

Bruce Moffitt, also brings a range of unusual talents to the website design business at PremierSystems.Com. A Geologist by education, his early career included exploration Geology in West Australia, the Eastern Highlands of Papaua, New Guniea and Mexico. An avid cook he then bought two gourmet restaurants which became sucessful and for the next 12 years he handled the advertising, both radio and TV, got mentions in Gourmet, Bon Apetite, Du Monde and a variety of local publications. As everyone knows, the restaurant business is very tough and Bruce understands thoroughly the advertising budget constraints on businesses.

Moffitt has parlayed his early training as a concert pianist into a blazing typing speed, he is completely ambidextrous, reads equally well right side up or upside down, has complete mastery of HTML, and is our secret weapon when deadlines loom.

We know what we are doing, play it straight, and listen to your website design ideas. Your site will not go on the Internet until you like it. We really enjoy working directly with small business owners. We understand the problems and aspirations, we meet the deadlines and we produce a professional website design and development every time. We have been in business since 1996 and are not planning to go anywhere, so you can depend on us to meet your site maintenance needs.

Our Focus

At Premier Systems.Com we specialize in business, corporate, and professional website design, site positioning and maintenance. Our prices are reasonable, and terms are available.

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