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Custom Website Design Costs

Site Development Costs

At Premier Systems.Com our basic charge is about $100.00 per page including shopping cart pages. A page can contain up to 5 or 6 photos, and additional graphics as desired including moving graphics. It can also contain as much text as you wish to write while bearing in mind key word optimization issues. It can also contain, within reason, as many links as you wish to have. Terms are available.

A web page does not equate to a printed page on a one to one basis. For example, should you print this page it would be several printer produced pages long.

While many of our clients are new to the web, more and more often we are being asked to revise sites which for one reason or another are not bringing in business as anticipated. If you wish us to bid on a site revision email us with the site address and briefly describe the changes you want to consider making and we will tailor our bid to the condition of the HTML and how extensive you wish the changes to be.

In addition to photographs and graphics each Premier Systems.Com $100.00 web page will have the following features:

  • Finished Professional Look
  • Easy Navigability
  • Email
  • Custom Fonts
  • Clearly Visible Client Name, Address and Contact Numbers as desired
  • Spell Checking
  • Basic editing if desired
  • Carefully constructed meta tags
  • Registration on 10 major search engines.

Your Time

In the Premier Systems.Com group of web sites, three have "failed". In all three cases the owners stated that they "really should check their email more." When pressed further they told me that they had received inquiries but that they just "had not had time" to respond!

If you are not set up to respond to customers then it would be best to wait to go on the net until you have the time to put your sales systems in place.

Site Set-up Costs
Domain Name

Your domain name constitutes your web address, for example:

Domain names are purchased from Network Solutions, Inc. The price for a domain name is $70.00 for two years. After the second year, Network Solutions will bill you annually at the rate of $35.00 per year. We can help you choose and register your domain name. You pay Network Solutions directly.

Server Costs

In addition you must pay an ISP, (Internet Service Provider, or "server"), a monthly fee to serve your domain. Typical monthly charges range from $10.00 - $30.00 per month but may be more expensive on the east and west coasts.

Should you already have a domain name-server relationship we can put your site up on the server of your choice.

If you are planning to do a site which is only a few pages, we can discuss costs of serving your site under the domain. While we recommend that you get your own domain name, it is not necessary in all cases.

Site Promotion Costs

Almost as soon as your site goes up you will receive spam from companies who offer to register your site on from 20-1500 search engines. Prices range from $9.00 to $450.00. There are also many email promotions available at $50.00 to $200.00. At some point you might want to consider purchasing such services, but it would be best to check with friends to find services which actually deliver.

Undoubtedly you will want do some site promotion and you should budget what ever you can afford to devote to some site promotional efforts. The more you promote a good site the more it will earn.

It also needs to be said that many sites are out there with no promotion at all and still do well. At a minimum though, you should include your website address on business cards, stationary, brochures and in all other forms of media advertising that you do.

Our Focus

At Premier Systems.Com we specialize in business, corporate, and professional website design, site positioning and maintenancse. Our prices are reasonable, and terms are available.

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