Key Word Optimization Is Critical

The Basics of Key Word Optimization

The number of pages you need depends on the number of types of products or services you wish to offer, or categories of information you wish to present. This is because in order for your site to achieve effective search engine placement the pages must be designed around key words.

For example assume you are an attorney who practices in the areas of malpractice, personal injury, and product liability. If you give all three of these the same amount of space on one page, and say you mention all three of the key words, malpractice, personal injury, and product liability the same number of times the search engine will see that each of the key words only constitutes 33% of the content of that page and your rating will be low for that page.

By splitting the content into three pages and targeting the page content and the meta tags including key words on each page, you would have a much better chance on the search engines.

Thousands of new web sites are registered with search engines each day, so even if you maintain a position among the top 30 for a period of time, sooner or later your listings will slip down due to the press of new web sites vying for top position.

Periodically you should plan to change the meta-tags and some of the text on your site. The site should then be re-registered so that the search engines detect a change and you are noted in among the new sites for consideration in the search engine listings.

Site Maintenance

As with everything else, a website will need a certain amount of maintenance.How long between "re-tagging" and re-registration depends on the popularity of the targeted key-words but generally the first revision of the original site positioning strategy should be done about 6 months after the site goes up.

Anything on the site that is dated, or has to do with seasons etc. needs to be kept up to date or removed.

Occasionally you may wish to change some of the text on your site. If you have products for sale on the site, anything that is no longer available or has been discontinued should be deleted, and new products added to keep the site interesting to repeat visitors.

Phone numbers, addresses, location information and the like have to be kept up to date.

Our charge for such minor maintenance items is $35.00 per hour and minor site revisions seldom exceed $50.00.

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